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Hello to your curiosity!

I have always wondered why, as I love talking and speaking so much, I had no place to do it freely and as I wanted.

There is a beginning to everything, so here I am, even if I am far from mastering the art of writing.

Mostly, all I'm going to talk about here will be around the computer world, I do not really see what I could tell outside this subject.

I hope, however, that you would like as much what I intend to share here as me, to like to share through this support.

Little detail: At the very bottom of the article, it is possible to change the language to read the whole blog in French.

Let's talk little, let's talk about IT

As we are on a very first publication, I will not hesitate not to depart from the rule that I have more or less fixed: I will speak about computer science. Specifically, I will describe how my blog works.

My blog is made with Grav, a dynamic, young, flexible CMS developed in PHP. Yes, I see you coming the dementors of PHP, but personally I think it's a good language that has its place and here, it is doing the job well.

Everything I write is directly typed from Atom, which is for me, the best IDE: a real Swiss army knife!

As a fan of open programming and Open Source, I use almost only softwares under this label.

I am under GNU/Linux obviously and I proudly use ArchLinux. A lot of my articles will speak and boast the power of this distribution GNU/Linux ❤️

Outside of IT, who am I?

About me, I am 22 years old the day I write this article. I am currently a 4th year student in computer science, at the University of Technology of Compiègne.

All my curriculum and my social networks are listed on my home page (which leads for the moment only to the download link of my CV, but it should change shortly).

To describe myself quickly, I am a computer nerd. Whether it's between my personal projects or my contributions in organizations Open Source like Nextcloud, I like to code and develop projects from their beginning of reflection to their end.

To know what I'm doing, just follow me on Github. Few vacation days for Github and me.

Your feedback

Do not hesitate to give me your feedback, to share if you really find that ... interesting? And why not, participate in my future madness?

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